Lifestyle Newborn Portraits Prep Guide

Congratulations on the new addition to your family and welcome to the best ride of your life. I am honored that you have chosen me for your newborn photography, and am proud to capture your family during this precious time. I officially started my photography business in 2008, and have been capturing life and love ever since. In that time my eye, talent and skill have continued to grow over the years. My goal with every client experience is to honor your time and investment with me and deliver beautiful, authentic images that you will cherish for your lifetime and pass down through the generations with pride. As a mother, I can relate to my clients in a deeper way, which has only increased my love for my craft, as well as improved it. Thank you for trusting me with this commission and labor of love.


What you’ll find below, is information to help get you ready for your session with me, including tips I’ve learned over the years to help your session go more smoothly, as well as basic details on the process of a newborn session with KBP. Please take a look, and let me know if you have any questions!


Your session fee includes ::

  • Prep guide with information, tips and wardrobe inspiration

  • Your in-home lifestyle portrait session, up to 3 hours (as needed)

  • Professional retouching of 50+ images which you will receive via download with print release

  • Photo product credit, which may be applied to any product we offer

    * To reserve your session date and time, we require a portrait agreement and retainer of 50% of the session cost *


It is ideal to book your session as early as you can. I take on a limited number of clients per month in order to maintain the ability to best serve my clients. Mom and Dad, I recommend you plan a few different outfits. Mama, if you carried your child, you will still be adjusting to your postpartum body, and Dad you will need to work around her final decision for the session wardrobe. Please keep in mind that neutral colors keep things simple and classic, allowing your images to remain timeless. Aim for white, cream, gray, khaki, soft blue’s and blush or dusty rose pinks, as well as sage greens. Muted or earth tones also work well. This might be a time to avoid black. I always want my clients to feel their best and dress according to their personal style, so please wear what you prefer. I recommend a loose flowy dress or top for mom and a solid color for dad (small patterns like tiny stripes or florals can be distracting or appear distorted in images). Remember that we will be doing this session in your home, so keeping that in mind can help with wardrobe choices.

We'll likely swaddle baby for most shots. I will bring my swaddles with me and you are welcome to have any of your own that you want to use. Plain white newborn onesies also work really well. Remember to keep it simple with “outfits” for baby, as this helps in keeping your images classic and timless. We don’t want to fuss with too many outfits, as changing baby will most likely get them stirred up and fussy. We also want to focus on sweet baby, not their clothes. I have a PINTEREST board with tons of wardrobe inspiration for lifestyle newborn sessions. You can take a look at that HERE.

Upon booking, we will put a tentative date on the calendar based on your due date. Once baby comes, please keep me on your list of people to contact so we can adjust your session date as needed. We will need to keep the session within 2 weeks of baby’s arrival for the best results.


In home sessions are personalized to your style and family. We are in your own space, and hopefully this makes you feel more comfortable during this transition period. When I arrive to your home, I am looking for shooting areas with beautiful natural light and the least amount of clutter. Many times, much of your session will take place in your master bedroom and baby’s room, I will occasionally clear an area near a window for simple and clean shots without the competition of any background noise. So please don’t be concerned if I need to move a few things or take art off of your wall. This is totally normal. Every in-home session will be unique based on your home’s style, light, etc. If you feel your home is not a good option for shooting, I do have a studio space available for an additional fee, so don’t hesitate to ask about that option if you think it would work best for you.

On the day of your session, I recommend trying to keep baby awake if possible, in order to have a sleepy babe during our session time. It is best if baby isn’t coming off of a long nap when I arrive. Feed baby just before I arrive so he/she is full and sleepy. We will likely have to take breaks during our time together for feedings, calming baby, etc. This is totally normal, and we have to follow baby’s lead. It can be helpful to have a prepared bottle with breastmilk or formula ready (if you are not opposed to that). Remember that patience is key during your newborn session. Getting yourself ready for photos, can be tough when you have a newborn to care for, and both Mom and Dad may be feeling exhausted and not like yourself. This is where a grandparent, sibling, best friend, anyone you trust, can be a life saver. Even if they are there just to hold baby and try to keep them awake and calm or to bottle feed them while you get yourself ready, it can make the day much less stressful. Trust me on this. I have been there. It’s just something to consider, but if that’s not an option, be ready to trade off baby duty while each of you get ready. If baby is good and out when I get there, we can jump right in with some shots of him/her alone and you can take a moment to yourselves. If you are using a pacifier, this can also be super helpful to have nearby for soothing between shots. I myself do not use the pacifier often, but on the day of newborn photos, it was a real game changer. Please be aware that these sessions often take longer than expected, which is why I allow for about 2.5 hours. If baby is super sleepy and or calm, it can go a lot faster, but just be prepared for it to take longer than any other style of session (stopping to feed or soothe baby, wait on them to stop crying, etc.).

Since many times a portion of the session takes place in the master bedroom, having it somewhat neat is ideal, removing items from the night stands, etc. I understand that you just had a baby and the master bedroom may very well be an area that you are “surviving” in, so please feel free to throw everything in a pile in the bathroom if that makes life easier. Many of the images you see in my portfolio are in light rooms with white bedding. You may have been drawn to this style and not realized that the white bedding was part of that draw. Many of my clients have white or light bedding in their home, if you do not, don’t fret… We can take the bedding down to white sheets if that works for you. Just be aware that busy patterns on beds can sometimes be a distraction in these types of images, and that’s something to consider.

In additional to some swaddle options, I’ll also bring a small heater to keep baby warm. This really helps to keep them content and sleepy during our session, making it go more quickly. I will likely swaddle baby in the beginning, with just their diaper underneath. I like to start with family shots first, and siblings if there are any, then move to the baby by him/herself. Where siblings are concerned, a bribe or prize for good behavior can work wonders. Big bro or sis may be going through an adjustment period as well, so we will have to follow their lead too and I will never force anything with them. As you know, newborn babies are unpredictable, so we are ready to go with the flow! Patience is key in these sessions, and I have patience for days.

I understand what it’s like to have a newborn, and I appreciate your trust during this time. I will always handle your baby with the utmost care during posing, swaddle changes, etc. I will wash my hands before we begin and I carry hand sanitizer with me as well. If I happen to be ill at the time of our shoot I will make you aware before we shoot, and we can reschedule if needed. I stay up to date on my vaccines as well so you don’t need to worry about that.


After I leave you the work isn’t over. I will carefully handpick the cream of the crop images that will be delivered to you. These images will be edited and lightly retouched, then delivered to you within two weeks of your session date. Once your images are ready, I’ll email you with a link to your private online gallery, where you can view and download them. I’ll also send a dropbox link. And your custom USB will arrive within a month of your session. Newborn sessions include a product credit, and as soon as I have your choices for your photo products, I’ll have them made and shipped directly to your home. If you book a bundle collection with more than one session, you will receive your USB after all sessions have taken place.

If you choose to share your images on social media, please upload your full resolution files (not screenshots) without filters or editing, and please credit Kimberly Brooke Photographic. The majority of KBP clients come from word of mouth referrals which I truly appreciate. There is nothing more wonderful you can do for a small business owner than to share and tag them in your social media posts, as well as tell your tribe about them. Thank you so much in advance.

Please complete the questionnaire below so I can get to know you a little better and be ready for your newborn session. After that, all that’s left to do is sit back and relax while you wait to meet your little bundle of joy. I am truly looking forward to working with your and the newest member of your family. Please let me know if you have any questions that I have not answered here. See you soon!

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