Some things seem unreal. Like me sitting here and writing this blog post right now, it feels like a dream. Is this my life? Am I really announcement this to the world?

In November, we found out we are having a baby! I am 21 weeks as of this moment, and we now know that baby J is a baby BOY! Somehow, even more than 5 months in, and 2 weeks into having an actual bump… it still just somehow doesn’t seem like real life. I guess some things are just too much for a person’s brain to handle. I am going to be a Mom! I am going to have a son. My husband is now going to be a Father. I pretty much always thought that one day I would have kids (except for maybe a few times here and there after marriage where I questioned if I did want to be a Mother). But I can still imagine myself as a child, and even telling my parents that I never wanted to move away and live without them. And they assured me that one day I would want to live with my own husband and family. Even in imagining having children, I don’t think you can really wrap your mind around it, and I probably own’t until that baby it earth-side.

Life can just be so crazy. I do not remember feeling THIS overwhelmed with newness or unfamiliarity when Nick and I got married. I suppose that being pregnant and birthing a child, and forever being someone’s Mama is just something that truly changes everything in a way that nothing else has before.

I have found myself wondering about who this person will be so many times. Now that we know it’s a boy I feel a little more familiarity to this human being inside my body. But what will he look like? Who will he become? What will he love, be interested in, be good at, be passionate about? What will his personality be like and who will he one day fall in love with? I pray for health, for blessings, for a child who I can raise to know and love his Savior. I pray for my husband and I to be good parents, by loving each other well, by following the Lord, and by being a team. I don’t think I’ve ever been so overwhelmed with emotions in my entire life. And even though there’s some fear and even anxiety about what is to come, the joy is overwhelming.

My dear friend Julie of Julie Wilhite Photography came to our home to take a few images of Nick and I together to announce that we are expecting our baby boy in July, and although we really only needed one, I love these images so much that I felt like I wanted to share more than just one and give them place to live. Thank you to Julie for being there to photograph so many monumental moments in my life.

Julie also photographed our wedding and engagement photos in 2015… and we have known each other for at least 10 years now. I’ve photographed countless moments in her life as well, like the birth of her first son, as well as maternity and newborn photos, family photos, birthday parties, etc. We’ve kind of both been there for a lot in each other’s lives. We still photograph each other and also shoot weddings together. Here is a favorite image from both our wedding day and our engagement photos with Julie from 2015.

Oh, and of course, we also did a session for our 2 year wedding anniversary just in 2017, which seems like yesterday, but clearly is not! Here is one favorites from that, and that entire session is still some of my favorite photos of us ever.

One thing you might be wondering is… what does this change for you? Absolutely nothing! Other than a little time off once baby arrives, business will go on as usual. I may just have an adorable little studio assistant now. My time off will start in July and most likely conclude in September, pending any unforeseen or unknowns. Meaning I’ll be back just in time for the Fall Season. I can’t wait to work with you soon!


2018, the year of the great host server crash. It was July of 2018, and all was well, until it wasn't. I have been in business since 2008, and for all of that time I've had the same website and email host. To make a long story short, one fine day, it was all gone. My entire website... and there was nothing to be done about it. All of the work I had put into my new site design just 2 years back, all of my blogs over the last 10 years. All of my emails. Vanished into thin air without explanation. It was awful. There were some tears and a maybe a few curse words.... just a few ; )

Now here we are almost a month after the crash. I am moving on and so excited that my website is now on new servers with a wonderful company and moving forward my site and emails will be safe. So as you may notice I have a beautiful new site design (not quite complete as of this post) and I'm so excited about it. Turns out it was a total blessing in disguise. I hope you love the new design and layout as much as I do! 

So if you're wondering why there's not much content here yet... Hang with me. We are back and better than ever! And I can't wait to share my newest work with you. 

Cheers, KB