The Teen Years series is one of my favorite milestone series to capture. The teen years sessions take place at pivotal moments in your kids lives so you can always remember these special times in a unique and beautiful way. I photograph teens at ages twelve or thirteen, fifteen or sweet sixteen, and then again at 18 years for their senior graduation portraits. This series is the best way to capture their growth over the teen years.

Sienna’s twelve year session was a surprise gift to her Mother, and it was the best present ever. Here are just a few favorites from her teen portrait session in Austin, as we captured her final days as a pre-teen. Thanks Sienna, I can’t wait for our next photoshoot together.


A good friend knows all your best stories, but a best friend has lived them with you.

These two girls have been through it all together, and might as well be sisters. I absolutely love spending an afternoon laughing with them and learning about their special bond. Genevieve is moving away, and she and Lexi wanted some special portraits to document their friendship before she left Austin. But miles won’t be able to separate these two ladies. Their friendship is the forever kind. I hope everyone has a friendship like this in their life. The kind where you laugh without saying word, finish each other’s sentences and understand each other in every way. These are the friendships that make life wonderful. Thanks for allowing me to capture your sweet friendship, Lexi and Gen! I know you’ll treasure these memories forever.